What is the Meaning of the Eiffel Tower?

Overlooked in the Eiffel Tower’s world-famous history is the meaning of the famous name. The tower also plays a role in its history. But first, we must know the story of Eiffel Tower.
During the Middle Ages, the city of Paris was located near the towers where people could see the city from far away. Of course, the old stones were changed often, and they became cumbersome. By the 18th century, the owners of the iron pieces and ropes were building it very quickly.
After a while, they created an elegant design for the tower. However, its construction was still too heavy for people to use. And, since no one could come up with a better plan, it became necessary to create it by accident. As a result, they created an overall design which included a helix, and it became the Eiffel Tower.
The design consisted of four arches which resembled the words of the French language: opus, tenebrarum, tumulus, and baireuse. Although they didn’t use it, the design was designed based on their thoughts. They believed that, if the archways were arranged together, they would look like an eagle.
Another story of its creation is also told. While some belief it to be an original design, others think that the story that was introduced during the beginning of the 19th century was a version of the truth. The story starts at the time when, in 1789, Napoleon Bonaparte visited Paris and built a new design for the tower.
Understanding the meaning of the story is easy. Napoleon realized that the idea of building a giant structure just to express the purposes of a single individual might be a bad idea. So, he asked Louis XVIII, the king of France, if the Eiffel Tower could be used as a symbol. The king approved, and they both came up with the design.
The expression of a single person is what makes the tower so famous. It symbolizes the beauty of Paris. The Helix, which leads the way up to the Eiffel Tower, represents the movements of the sun throughout the year. The inscription above the tower stands for the saying “Eiffel is a Lie” (“Eiffel is a Lie” being a common saying in France).
Both of these stories tell us that, to tell a meaningful story, we need to choose what we want to convey. We need to focus on the essential aspects of the story while leaving the less critical parts of the story for the next storyteller. For the next storyteller, the next part of the story will be more important than the last.
The Eiffel Tower is quite beautiful and has a lot of charm, but the beauty of it comes from its high-quality craftsmanship. This is why it is used so much. People love their beauty and feel honored when they see it.
The next part of the story comes from the Helix. The Egyptians once saw the Helix as a guide to help them get to the stars. The sun was always visible in the ancient world and was said to be the helper in Egypt.

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Today, people admire their high reputation. It is a symbol of strength, grace, elegance, and high standards of living. Many would like to live here.
The symbolic value of the Eiffel Tower should not be underestimated. It is a symbol of expression, while a strong structure that symbolizes strength and grandeur. If you are going to tell a good story, you should put this design into it.


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